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Get Your Fool On!

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

The Christmas for pranksters is finally here! The day for mayhem, chaos, and trickery. Loki's favorite earth holiday. APRIL FOOL'S DAY!!!!! If this is your first April Fool's day, here are a few classic pranks that you may enjoy.

1. The Breakfast Mayhem Duo: This prank is a duo prank witch means that it is 2 pranks. The first prank is the cereal switch. Take out the bags of 2 cereals and switch them. The second prank is the "sour milk" prank. Take a milk carton and add drops of green food coloring. Mix until the milk is green.

2. A Shower You Weren't Expecting: Use a rubber band to hold the spray lever on the faucet in place. Watch as your friends and family turn on the water and get a shower they weren't expecting.

If this isn't your first rodeo, here is another prank that you for sure will love.

OH NO!!!!! A...A MONSTER!!!!! oh... wait: This prank is good if you have a dog. If someone asks you "Do you want to take the dog for a walk?" Just say "I'll pass." Then when they are gone tape a picture of a monster on the outside door, and watch their reaction when they see the "Monster."

Do YOU have any master prank ideas? Tell me in the comments.

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Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith

these are good pranks



Oho, there's a new prankster on the loose--look out, world!


The Prankster

You better be ready!!!

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